Strategy Curation

The term Strategy Curation is chosen with purpose.

I see that organisations often struggle to give their strategies sufficient “air” to become what they might be. Organisational debate centres far too much on questions like: how do we know which is the right choice or option? How do we find the money to make this so or how do we prioritise this strategic objective over today’s “business as usual”?

Operating in these emerging spaces requires a learning approach rather than asking more questions, as one has to learn one’s way forward one step at a time.

To address this apparent stalemate, WsquareD assists you to close the knowing doing gap by bringing frameworks and processes that allow you to grow the dialogue and capabilities required to execute upon your desired direction by just doing!

Curation is used as often all of the components to start are already at hand, assembling them into different frames generates insights for action, and so the doing and learning begins.

“it takes real genius to see through all the clutter and grab the one, simple, unique thing that give you the advantage. - Jim Colins

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